Sandwich Size Chart

Ghost Is About Girth

Here at Ghost we do things a little differently and we plan on changing the game for the better. Our take on sandwiche sizes makes sure we maximize the good stuff by packing XL and XXL Sandos with more meat and cheese. This is how we give you more of what really matters.

We offer one standard size 8" Dutch Crunch loaf and as you size up we pack on more meat and more cheese, this offers a verity of Sandos sizes depending on your hunger level or if you intend on sharing.

Sauce It Up

Love sauces? So do we! Add any of our housemade sauces to Sando.


Brace Yourselves

Breakfast Is Coming

We have been working hard to perfect Dutch Crunch breakfast sandwiches! Stay tuned for updated store hours and 6 new delicious sandos that are sure to start your day or cure your hangover.




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